BioBrew products are made in two specialist facilities dedicated to making fresh microbial products for the agricultural, equine, and companion animal sectors.

We produce fresh, living probiotics and provide our customers with world-class microbial and probiotic technology at a fair price.
Our products are regularly tested for viability and other quality characteristics by independent laboratories.
“The benefits of probiotic consumption include immune system stimulation, improvement of the digestive processes, enhanced resistance to toxic bowel disease, and a decrease of cholesterol level in blood serum. With good microbes, we are looking at the overall wellbeing over the long-term – a healthy living being, with an improvement in the quality of life.”
Dr Malik Hussain, Lincoln University
PetBrew is the only fresh, live and active product that delivers billions of live probiotic lactobacilli in every bottle. 
EquiBrew is a high performance probiotic feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals at all stages of development.
I can also stock CalfBrew and StockBrew on Request.