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Deer Sinew (Joint Supplement)

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Deer Sinew is cartilage and connective tissue, taken from a special part of the deer, between the hoof and hock. It contains natural glycosaminoglycans and is proving to be of great benefit to elderly pets.In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Deer Sinew is used by elderly people as a gentle, safe supplement for:

  • joint and leg pain
  • strengthening weak, aged limbs

It is also used for general good health at all ages.

Now NZ deer sinew is available for nourishing pets, as yummy tablets and as a food sprinkle. We continually receive excellent feedback from owners of old pets that have taken on a new lease of life when taking deer sinew 

Mobility and Strength - For Dogs + Cats

Superior nutritional support that is natural and gentle. For joints, tendons and overall good health. Particularly beneficial to elderly pets for strengthening weak limbs.

A gentle, pure, nice supplement to use on or in your old pet’s food. Suitable even for frail animals (just give them a tiny bit to start with). Even just a light sprinkle daily seems beneficial.

Dose: up to 1g (1/2 tsp) daily (medium-sized dog)