Ultra Fish & Rice & Diet with Eezapet or Kawakawa Gold

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Ultra sensitive diet range were developed for dogs with special diet requirement from all natural, organic healthy ingredients.

√  Contains omega 3 & omega 6
√  Garlic, Kelp, Oregano & Rosemary
√  No artificial colours or flavours
√  No preservatives
√  Wheat and GE Free

Ultra Sensitive Fish & Rice

Especially developed formula for dogs with pancreatic and liver problems.


FISH MEAL Produced from fish caught in New Zealand waters, thus free from heavy metal contamination, and preserved with vitamins C & E, rosemary, and citric acid, unlike some North American fish meal which is preserved with ethoxyquin.

BLOOD MEAL Natures richest source of animal protein, produced in New Zealand.

RICE Organically certified rice produced in Pakistan.

CORN  harvested from New Zealand crops, thus free from G E modifications.

TALLOW purchased directly from the renderer associated with a plant who produce for human consumption, and preserved with vitamins C & E, rosemary, citric acid.

FISH OIL from fish caught in New Zealand waters, and preserved with vitamins C & E , rosemary and citric acid.

FLAX SEED grown in the South Island of New Zealand.

MINERALS only chelated vitamins are used in our products. No oxides or sulphates, thus ensuring that your dog can readily absorb the necessary all the vitamins he needs.

OREGANO tests carried out by Meridan Animal Health Co in the UK show that oregano assists gut health, thus giving better

Massey University confirms Ultra Dog foods exceeds A.A.F.C.O’s standards.
Store in a cool dry place. To maintain freshness, store in the bag in a lidded container.

Stop the scratching fast with Eezapet.  Effective, easy to apply and your pet will love it.

For use on cats, dogs and small pets,  Eezapet is easy to apply and works rapidly to relieve the itch associated with hot spots (heat rashes), allergies and rashes of all kinds including mange.  Also great sunburn relief for our white furry friends. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • made in NZ
  • tested on humans first.


Every pet should have the same access to natural healthcare as we do.

Eezapet is a premium pet health care product made with beeswax and active herbals.

30ml or 5ml 7 Day Treatment

Kawakawa Gold - Healing Salve for Horses & Hounds

Kawakawa Gold is a unique, hand-made 100% natural healing salve, packed with soothing organic medicinal herbs and Active 15+ Manuka Honey, that aids in the topical treatment of minor skin conditions and skin irritations. 
Treats irritated, dry, flaky, inflamed, yeasty or cracked skin. Can also be used as a Paw Balm for dogs and a salve for horse's skin complaints. Creates a nourishing barrier to block contamination while healing. Use our Kawakawa Massage Soap for Horses & Hounds first to strip away bacteria and yeast before applying for the best results. (Do not use any soaps on open bleeding wounds. Soap is alkaline and cause irritation on open cuts).