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Raw dehydrated dog food.
Can be fed dry or wet, to feed wet add 1 part water to 1 part dehydrated food.
Give your dog a scrumptious and healthy country dinner with tender NZ chicken flavored with the delicate aroma of sweet apricots. With chunky chicken pieces that you can see, served up with a hearty portion of potatoes and carrots, this irresistible grain-free meal will leave your dog begging for more.
We use over 50% high quality NZ chicken in this super-nutritious food. Much leaner than most meats, high quality chicken is packed with essential nutrients and amino acids, making it an important ingredient for attaining a dogs optimal health. Our NZ chickens are reared without artificial hormones or steroids and are combined with sweet sun-kissed apricots and hearty potatoes and carrots to make this grain-free dinner a full-flavored but lean and healthy meal for any dog
This delicious dog food is free from any grains Ã